The Array Space is an affordable well-equipped loft—styIe warehouse spaoe of approximately 1,200 sq. Ft. (capacity 60)  in the vibrant Queen West cultural corridor that artists rent to rehearse and present workshops and concerts. The Array Space is a multi-function space that can be used for many purposes.


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The Array Space seats 60 comfortably.



Base Studio Rental*: $23 per hr. Monday through Thursday OR $33 per hr. Friday through Sunday.

* Block bookings of 10 hours or more receive 15% discount.)

* includes HST


15 Manhasset Music Stands (included with rental)


15 Manhasset Music Stands (included with rental)

Pianos – 6ft and 5 ft Yamaha Baby Grands ( $5/hr per piano for duration of the rental )

Drum Kit- Mapex Pro M full kit, two sizes of kick. two rack toms, two floor toms, cymbals, Hihat, kick pedal, snare ( $10 flat rate )

PA – Soundcraft Signature 22 MTK mixer, Mackie SRM450 Mains, 3 SM58, 1 Sm 57, 2 Rhode M5 mics, Alto TS210 monitors ( $15 flat rate )

Panasonic Short Throw Rear screen projector (mounted) + motorized screen ($20 flat fee) – HDMI input (adapters are available)Services:Piano Tuning ( $125 flat rate )


Front House ( $25/hr )

Technician – General ( $35/hr minimum $105 )

Audio Recording Engineer ( $35/hr minimum $105 )

Video Recording – 3 HD cameras, operator + audio ($50/hr minimum $200)

Livestream Your Event – If you have ordered video recording, you can Livestream for a $50.00 fee. This fee can be waived if you allow Arraymusic to post your event to (free to all who register).

Video Editor ( $45/hr minimum $90 )


Approximately 35 ft x 26 ft.  (Stage area is approx 12′ x 24′ with regular concert setup)

Sprung laminate floor

Backstage area can be arranged

Outdoor summer rooftop deck (slated for late summer 2017)

Accessibility elevator

Equipment – Included in Base Studio Rental Fee:

12 mic stands (more available on request)

XLR cables

Soundcraft Signature 22 MTK mixer (with fx)

2 Mackie SRM450 powered speakers for PA

3 Alto TS210 monitors

Mics – three SM58 mics, 2 SM57s, 2 overhead condenser mics (Rode), two more condenser mics (rode), cables

Small Roland Cube XL15 guitar amp ($5 flat rate)

Small Ampeg BA 108 bass amp ($5 flat rate)

12 Manhasset music stands

Scene Setter 48 light board.

4 dimmers with 5 small spots

Fader number 5 ( 1 bank – left to right row – upstage behind main curtain) Fader number 6, (1 bank) and 7 (2 banks), are overhead zones in front of main curtain. Fader 8 is what we call our house lights (4 banks) . 5 RGBY lights on separate dimmers (1 for red, 1 for green, etc)

Dimmers can be switched and lights can be moved but they MUST be returned to their original configuration

5 wire stands

50 to 60 seats

small fridge, microwave, sink

two black theatre curtain backdrops. One is against the upstage wall and the main (rope pull) curtain is 5.5 feet in front of that.

Equipment – Additional Fees

Yamaha G4 6 ft Baby Grande piano for customary performance.

Yamaha C3 5 ft. Baby Grande piano (for preparation, detuning, etc)

* $5/hr per piano/hour

Drum kit Mapex Pro M series (kick, hat, 2 rack toms, 2 floor toms, snare, crash and ride cymbals) *$10 flat fee

PA *$15.00 flat rate per day


Short Throw Projector Panasonic: PT – TW341R (TW341R XGA) HDMI Cable connectivity available in the space (adapters also available)


9’x16’ Motorized screen at 6 feet from the upstage wall) (note the projector can cover 7.5 feet width or 8 feet if the screen is moved deeper into the space.


Barco Projector (large and a little noisy) that can be used on the stage left wall where a large old stayle screen can be rolled down from the ceiling.


NOTE: By request: percussion battery includes timpani, mallet instruments, drums, gongs, bells log drums, hand drums and more (* additional fees applied as negotiated).


15% discount applies on blocks of ten hours or over booked within a one month period.
Book your entire season at the Array Space for a 15% discount.

* Use of chairs, stage-lights, music stands, meeting tables, fridge, couch, amplifier and air conditioning is all included free of charge in the base rental fee.

Complete rules and procedures for renting the Array Space:

1. Check Array’s Online Calendar to see if the times and dates your desire are available. You can do this after you register as well (it’s actually easier!).

2. Login or Register Here by completing Array Login/Register page. Then use the renter menus to choose dates and book the studio.

  •  Problems or questions contact
  • At 2:00 am on the morning of each rental, an invoice is emailed to the renter. A receipt is automatically emailed to you when payment is complete.
  • • Arraymusic reserves the right to refuse future rentals to any renter who does not comply with Array’s rental policies.


The Array Studio doors must be closed at all times to keep sound levels at a minimum for Array’s neighbors.

There is no phone in the Array Studio so please consider bringing a cell phone.

The Array Studio is a communally used space, so all renters are required to leave it in a pristine condition upon completion of their rental completion – all chairs, music stands, etc. must be put away.

* Alcohol cannot be sold on the Array Studio premises without obtaining a special LCBO permit (SOP).

All cancellations require 72 hours notice or charges are applied. (Cancellation with 72 hours of booking the date are free. A $20 charge for cancellation is applied if cancellation occurs after 72 hours and before 14 days of the booking. A 20% (or $25.00 whichever is greater) fee is charged within 14 days of the booking..

“By opening their studio space up for the community, Arraymusic is stepping into the position that The Music Gallery has filled in the past. Arraymusic is indispensable.” – Jennifer Waring, Artistic Director, Continuum Contemporary Music

“Arraymusic has provided the perfect writing and rehearsal space for my quartet and I. There is no other facility like it in Toronto. It is invaluable to me.” – Molly Johnson, Belle Productions

“Arraymusic has always been available and flexible to meet our needs and rehearsal periods. It is a reliable venue that is much needed in the city.” – Sandra Laronde, Artistic Director, Red Sky Performance

“Arraymusic provides such a great service to the wider musical community through making their space available to artists outside of their organization. I was able to use it during developmental music workshops for my current theatre piece which will run for a month at Theatre Passe Muraille next season. The piano is an excellent instrument. There
is a huge range of percussion instruments available in order to make informed musical choices. The atmosphere was excellent and private. I was really grateful for the opportunity to work at Arraymusic and for a work environment which is unparalleled in this city.” – Fides Krucker, contemporary vocalist/actor

“New Music Concerts has used the rehearsal space offered by Arraymusic on numerous occasions over the past few seasons and we are very pleased with the service provided. We are fortunate that Arraymusic provides such a suitable space at an affordable rate. We were especially lucky that Arraymusic was able to accommodate us during the week leading up to our “Milestones” concert (February 28, 2005 in Toronto and then repeated at the Montreal / Nouvelles Musiques Festival on March 7). Due to the size of the ensemble involved, and the use of two harps and two large percussion set-ups, it was important that we find a space where the instruments could be left in place for the duration of the week. Thankfully Arraymusic was able to juggle a few things with their existing clients and we were able to work everything out. It is always a pleasure dealing with the helpful Arraymusic staff and we are pleased to recommend them highly as an important asset to the Toronto music community.” – David Olds, General Manager, New Music Concerts

“I’ve been using Array’s studio for the last 10 years and it certainly provides an invaluable service to musicians like myself. The rates are reasonable and the staff is great. I’ve rehearsed everything from a trio to a 20-piece band in that studio. Please continue to support Array so they can continue supporting independent musicians in Toronto.” – David Buchbinder, Trumpet Player, Composer and Bandleader; The Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band, SHURUM BURUM Jazz Circus and DB Ensemble.

“I have been running my jazz school from the Arraymusic studio for more than six years. As well, I host special events at the studio, which draw participants from all points Canada, the U.S. and Europe. The Arraymusic studio is a perfect fit for my needs, offering a complete package: a spacious room, piano & other necessary equipment – at an affordable cost. In a city that seems bent on turning every usable space into condominiums, the arts community has fewer places from which to operate. Arraymusic is a lont-time leader in providing an invaluable service to musicians. It is truly an oasis.” – Howard Rees, Jazz Instructor

“I have been curating THE MUCID WILDEBEEST series of new music at the Arraymusic Studio in co-operation with Arraymusic for several months. Prior to that I co-curated the Rat-drifting new music series with Doug Tielli, it having been handed over to us by Martin Arnold. This is and has been a valuable experience for many performers and audience alike. The performances that have been featured are usually of natures that would not work so well in the types of venues in which the musicians generally play, especially bars. The studio provides a casual atmosphere without the risk of a walk-in audience who is uninterested or loud. Those who attend are aware of what is going to happen and have come to expect music that necessitates focused attention. It is also good to have access to a nice piano. The studio is perfectly suited to THE MUCID WILDEBEEST series in size and character and I am thankful to Arraymusic for their monthly offering of it to THE MUCID WILDEBEEST for holding performances of new music that falls between the cracks of genre and classification.” – Ryan Driver, Curator

“I have been renting the space from Arraymusic for more than two years. The space is ideal for the type of work I do, which is teach groups of people who have been fearful of singing, to find a voice. The people who manage Arraymusic and the environment of the room both contribute in profound ways to the needs of the local and music communities. Arraymusic is one of the most important incubators of creative expression in this city. Their support has been invaluable to my students, my colleagues and me. Please support this worthwhile organization.” – Orville Heyn, Composer, Singer, Teacher, Creator of The Singer’s Body course, Music Faculty – Humber College, The Banff Centre for the Arts.

“It’s great to have access to a studio run by musicians who understand the importance of providing affordable rehearsal space. Arraymusic has been extremely generous to The Toronto Jazz Orchestra over the past seven years and it is inspiring to work in a space where making music is so clearly the top priority.” – Josh Grossman, Director, Toronto Jazz Orchestra

Rental Area built by Paul Appleby Inc.