The Array Space seats 60 comfortably.

Grid can be used for hanging a projector etc.  

Base Studio Rental*: $23 per hr. Monday through Thursday OR $33 per hr. Friday through Sunday.

* Block bookings of 10 hours or more receive 15% discount.)

* includes HST


15 Manhasset Music Stands (included with rental)
Pianos – 6ft and 5 ft Yamaha Baby Grands ( $5/hr per piano for duration of the rental )
Drum Kit- Mapex Pro M full kit, two sizes of kick. two rack toms, two floor toms, cymbals, Hihat, kick pedal, snare ( $10 flat rate )
PA – Soundcraft Signature 22 MTK mixer, Mackie SRM450 Mains, 3 SM58, 1 Sm 57, 2 Rhode M5 mics, Alto TS210 monitors ( $15 flat rate )
Small Ampeg Bass Amp BA-108 ($5 flat rate)
Small Roland Guitar Amp 1.5XL micro ($5 flat rate)
Panasonic Short Throw Rear screen projector (mounted) + motorized screen ($20 flat fee) – HDMI input (adapters are available)Services:Piano Tuning ( $125 flat rate )


Front House ( $25/hr )
Technician – General ( $35/hr minimum $105 )
Audio Recording Engineer ( $50/hr minimum $150 )
Video Recording – 3 HD cameras, operator + audio ($50/hr minimum $200)
Video Editor ( $45/hr minimum $90 )

Approximately 35 ft x 26 ft.  (Stage area is approx 12′ x 24′ with regular concert setup)
Sprung laminate floor
Backstage area can be arranged
Outdoor summer rooftop deck (slated for late summer 2017)
Accessibility elevator
Equipment – Included in Base Studio Rental Fee:

12 mic stands (more available on request)
XLR cables
Soundcraft Signature 22 MTK mixer (with fx)
2 Mackie SRM450 powered speakers for PA
3 Alto TS210 monitors
Mics - three SM58 mics, 2 SM57s, 2 overhead condenser mics (Rode), two more condenser mics (rode), cables
Small Roland Cube XL15 guitar amp
Small Ampeg BA 108 bass amp
12 Manhasset music stands
Scene Setter 48 light board.
4 dimmers with 5 small spots
Fader number 5 ( 1 bank - left to right row - upstage behind main curtain) Fader number 6, (1 bank) and 7 (2 banks), are overhead zones in front of main curtain. Fader 8 is what we call our house lights (4 banks) . 5 RGBY lights on separate dimmers (1 for red, 1 for green, etc)
Dimmers can be switched and lights can be moved but they MUST be returned to their original configuration
5 wire stands
50 to 60 seats
small fridge, microwave, sink
two black theatre curtain backdrops. One is against the upstage wall and the main (rope pull) curtain is 5.5 feet in front of that.
Equipment – Additional Fees

Yamaha G4 6 ft Baby Grande piano for customary performance.
Yamaha C3 5 ft. Baby Grande piano (for preparation, detuning, etc)
* $5/hr per piano/hour
Drum kit Mapex Pro M series (kick, hat, 2 rack toms, 2 floor toms, snare, crash and ride cymbals) *$10 flat fee
PA *$15.00 flat rate per day
  Short Throw Projector Panasonic: PT – TW341R (TW341R XGA) HDMI Cable connectivity available in the space (adapters also available)
  9’x16’ Motorized screen at 6 feet from the upstage wall) (note the projector can cover 7.5 feet width or 8 feet if the screen is moved deeper into the space.
  Barco Projector (large and a little noisy) that can be used on the stage left wall where a large old stayle screen can be rolled down from the ceiling.
  NOTE: By request: percussion battery includes timpani, mallet instruments, drums, gongs, bells log drums, hand drums and more (* additional fees applied as negotiated).
Rental Area built by Paul Appleby Inc.