Culture Days Free Percussion Workshops

Friday September 28, 7:30pm to 9pm Sunday September 30th, 2pm to 4pm
The Array Studio, 60 Atlantic Ave suite 218 Toronto M6K 1X9
416 532 3019

As part of culture days, this free workshop is open to all.

Morning incantations. Get your groove going.

Rick Sacks hosts a hands on workshop to  get the rhythm of your spirit channeled through your body into drums, marimba, timpani, gongs, cowbells, woodblocks, triangles, shakers, bells, xylophone and more.

The workshops are intended to be fun and non-threatening. These are pratices gleaned from over thirty five years of experience in contemporary chamber and solo repertoire and improvisational and experimental activities in academic, ethnic and popular genres. Excersises and improvisations will be recorded. Participants can bring storage devices or receieve a free CD.

Part of Culture Days Free events Presented by percussionist Rick Sacks. Visit the Arraymusic Studio and play percussion instruments from all over the world. This hands-on workshop is for all ages and levels from beginner to accomplished percussionist. Composers, come down and get that information you need to use and notate for percussion. Learn about the ways to get a great 'sound' and join in on group improvisation.

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