Ora Clementi with c_RL and Fleshtone Aura

October 23, 2017 at 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM
The Array Space (map)
155 Walnut Ave. M6J 3W3
Tickets: $10 at the door

Featuring: Ora Clementi with c_RL and Fleshtone Aura

Riparian Acoustics presents :
Ora Clementi with c_RL and Fleshtone Aura

Ora Clementi
"Ora Clementi is the duo of Canadian sound artist crys cole and Australian composer/performer James Rushford.

Their collaboration is a unique investigation into liminal performance states in an interpersonal context, often focusing on text and speech as preconscious thought processes. Central to cole and Rushford's duo are questions surrounding interpretation, the function of memory, semiotics, and the syntactical discipline of sound within both listener and performer. Utilizing various musical approaches in unorthodox and disorienting ways, their work often incorporates field recordings, electronics, contact mics, various wind and keyboard instruments, percussion and voice. Using movement, conceptual performance practice and both amplified and acoustic sound, Ora Clementi plays with the subtleties of sensory perception, seeking to create a dreamlike context hovering between musical performance and pure abstraction."

c_RL is the trio of multi-instrumentalist Allison Cameron, trumpeter Nicole Rampersaud and percussionist Germaine Liu—three utterly distinct musical voices that that coalesce into strange and unprecedented configurations— variously playful, cantankerous, tender and inscrutable. Their music's refusal to work in a strictly environmental or conversational is disorienting, yet affords many entry-points for an inquisitive ear.

Fleshtone Aura
Andrew Zukerman's Fleshtone Aura gleefully rides back in time, into the futures of the modernist imagination (forecasted by hard tape edits and percolating synths) and imbues them with an irrefutably present sensibility. Full of anxious mindfulness, subliminal humour his decidely gestural soundworld is concrète collagism at its finest.