Sonic Fabulations

August 20, 2017 at 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM
The Array Space (map)
155 Walnut Ave. M6J 3W3
Tickets: 10

Featuring: Free and Improvised, Yesenia Fuentes, Fleshtone Aura, Alana Elmer

stirrings of movement, the silence of sound
exposing at the flesh aaa sonorous body,
playing to air,
sound is not if not a listening body,
together, to gather, surfacings
of sonic fabulalalalations
ever trans . . . . forming . . . . itorying
re eee re re ree e e e, resonances, reverberations, repetitions
to resound it sound


An evening of dance and music performances.

7:00-7:30 Free and Improvised
7:40-8:00 Yesenia Fuentes "körper"
8:10-8:40 Fleshtone Aura with dancer Alana Elmer
8:50-9:00 bodiesofwonder
"water walk" (to be confirmed)

scheduled times are approximations

$10 at door

+++Free and Improvised is a Toronto grown collaboration of experimental Jazz musicians, consisting of Daria Morgacheva keys, synths, Janine Wright on vocals, Tal Davidson bass, Stuart Mein on drums & Stefan Haynes flute, sax.

+++Yesenia Fuentes is performing "körper." A woman subjected by its environment, a spasmodic and almost agonizing struggle of a body that gradually seeks to reshape itself, a moment of contained intensity… Körper is tension and strength but it is also exposure.

Yesenia is a choreographer, interpreter, and performing artist whose practice mainly draws from the techniques and fundamentals of Butoh. Yesenia seeks to question the absurdity and hollowness of certain dynamics of the contemporary world while reflecting more broadly on existence and the human condition.

+++Alana Elmer grew up on a farm just north of Toronto. She graduated from STDT in 2002 and has been a member of Toronto Dance Theatre since 2005. Independent from the company she has worked with Paul Andre Fortier, Deborah Hay and has appeared in numerous film and television shows. Alana also works as a costume designer and is the Co-owner of the vintage booth Arsenic and Old Lace located in lovely Leslieville.

Fleshtone Aura is the solo sound-collage alias of Andrew Zukerman. Using new & antiquated technologies he weaves a sonic tapestry that's equal parts high & low-brow, wet & dry, dumb & dumber. Fleshtone Aura rose from the ashes of Gastric Female Reflex, an equally untethered sound collage duo that lasted a long time. As a solo artist he has released perhaps too many albums and played too many shows to talk about.

This performance evening is an extension of BUTOH workshop with Montreal artist Yesenia Fuentes.

Art by Jen Colts
Rental Area built by Paul Appleby Inc.