The Rainbow of Forgetting - At The Music Gallery

March 9, 2017 at 7:30 PM to 10:30 PM
Music Gallery, 197 John St, Toronto, M5T 1X6
Tickets: $20 or PWYC

Featuring: The Array Ensemble

Rick Sacks conducts The Array Ensemble in a program of pieces written for Arraymusic. The title for the concert is also the sub-title of Rudolf Komorous’ piece Dame’s Rocket: the rainbow of forgetting 2 - Its combination of evocative beauty and elusive obscurity is very much in keeping with Komorous’ estetiku divnosti, his “aesthetic of curious things” “aesthetic of the strange” “aesthetic of the wonderful.” Komorous developed this philosophy with a group of like-minded artists in Prague during the late 1950s. In an interview he explained that, "the group's main philosophy was that things should somehow be driven on the edge—on that edge when you cannot really recognise what's serious, what's not serious; you know, what's true, what's not true; what's sort of from life and what is a sheer imagination. Simply that edge—because we thought that on that edge real things happen.” This concert brings together six extremely different—wonderfully different—pieces of music. Yet all this music, in utterly distinct ways, is driven on the edge, moves along and inhabits that edge, and encourages the listener to join it there.


Marjan Mozetich (Canada) - Time to Leave (1997)
Linda Catlin Smith (Canada) - Stare at the River (2010)
Rudolf Komorous (Canada) - Dame's Rocket (the rainbow of forgetting 2) (1991)
John Mark Sherlock (Canada) - Necklace (1997)
Linda Bouchard (Canada) - Ductwork (1997)
Martin Arnold (Canada) - (Damper) Coaster (2000)