while we wait for the launch of our new website, here’s our current lineup. More to come: Sessions, Jazz Improvisation Orchestra, Glass Orchestra and MORE!

Sunday Afternoons all year long


Array Studio | 2 PM to 4 PM | Free to Public

Learn to play degung gamelan; instruction by Andrew Timar

* an outreach initiative of the Evergreen Club Contemporary Gamelan co-presented by Array + The Evergreen Club

as part of Array’s Resident Studio Artists Program

Toronto Improvisors Orchestra

Starting Saturdays October 30, November 20 and December 18 at 2:30 pm. The Array Centre is proud to introduce a new residency by the T.I.O!

The Toronto Improvisers Orchestra will be modeled on the London and other European improvising orchestras that use conductors to direct the improvisations by using established hand signals. Collective improvisation is also encouraged but tempered by the conductors. The Orchestra will draw from experts from the classical, jazz, and other music communities and should have a core of 20 musicians. Initial rehearsals will be required to give perspective conductors and musicians a chance to get familiar with the process before tthe first concert. Please contact Eugene Martynec at eugenemartynec@gmail.com for more information and some pdf files of hand signals.

Rocky G

Saturday Nov 6, 2010 8pm
Array Studio, 60 Atlantic Ave, ste. 218
PWYC $10 suggested donation

Arraymusic and foolskool.com present: an interactive cinema performance and lecture with Rocky G

Kardionic takes as it's subject the human heart in it's organic, energetic and spiritual dimensions. During the performance confuter generated 3d models of the heart, it's structures and blood cells are animated and morphed in real time, alternating between naturalistic depictions and total abstraction. Three musicians provide both the soundtrack and the control data that drives the animation. The software for this piece is written entirely on the Max/Msp/Jitter multimedia platform.

Rocky G and his ensemble will perform Kardionic. This will be followed by a lecture describing the systems involved in its creation. A Q&A follows.

February 27, 2011 

The Music Gallery, 197 John St., Toronto 416.204.1080

8 PM Concert; 7:30 PM Pre-Concert Composers’ Talk

Four Seasons One Tree

Repertoire Works by Great Canadian Composers

www.arraymusic.com  |  www.musicgallery.org/

April 16, 2011

The Music Gallery, 197 John St., Toronto 416.204.1080

8 PM Concert; 7:30 PM Pre-Concert Composers’ Talk


World Premieres by Nicole Lizée and Darren Copeland and a reworking of

Terry Riley’s Cactus Rosary

www.arraymusic.com  |  www.musicgallery.org/

May 29, 2011 – 3 PM

Array Studio, #218 – 60 Atlantic. Ave., Toronto 416.532.3019

Young Composers’ Workshop (YCW) Concert

World premieres of four new works written by four new voices as part of Array’s 25th YCW


May 15, 2011 At Canstage.

Berkeley Street Theatre: New Ideas and Creations Festival


The Exchange

A workshop presentation premiering a new music theatre work in progress by Allen Cole

Featuring The Array Ensemble

26 Berkeley St., Toronto 416.368.3110

www.arraymusic.com  |  http://www.canadianstage.com/


The Array New Music Centre is pleased to provide an affordable rehearsal and concert facility for Toronto’s creative music artists:

Basic Studio Rental Fee: $15 / hr.

Piano Rental Fee: $5 / hr.

Drum Kit Rental Fee: $10 flat

PA Rental Fee: 10 flat

   Please email admin@arraymusic.com to book The Array New Music Centre’s Studio for your rehearsal or concert.

The Array New Music Centre champions a vanguard of creative music artists through its support for The Array Ensemble, The Array Resident Studio Artists, The Array Studio Rental Program and The Array Workshops. Each season, The Array Ensemble delivers brilliant concert performances of today’s boldest chamber music to audiences who have come to expect the highest performance standards. This year, The Array Centre extends additional support to three remarkable Resident Studio Artist Groups: The Madawaska String Quartet, The Evergreen Club Gamelan and The Glass Orchestra. All year, The Array Studio provides local and international creative music artists with an affordable rental facility for their rehearsals, workshops and concerts. Music lovers are invited to browse Array’s Library of 800+ Scores and enjoy 3,000+ albums by visiting Array’s Listening Room in Toronto’s Liberty Village. Array also maintains a community-wide concert listing service at www.smashedpiano.com. For 25 years, Array’s ensemble has mentored promising young composers in the creation of new works which it performs in concert. Now, Array offers composer and gamelan Workshops to assist musical artists in their ongoing development. The Array New Music Centre is owned and operated by Arraymusic, a non-profit, charitable organization.

  1. Do you have your Array Legacy CDs? The Array Ensemble’s 35th Anniversary Live  Double CD is not to be missed.




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