Array Session #46

Tuesday, March 28, 8pm
The Array Space
155 Walnut Ave, M6J 3W3

Spontaneous Group Composition

Session #46 lineup:


Marc Couroux - sounds

Jason Doell - sounds

Matthew Ramolo - sounds

Nideans are creatures of temporal magnitudes, chronoprospectors surfing the möbiusoïdal machinations wherein materials become wholly alienated. The drone is their natural habitat; a conceptual and visceral space in which bodies are retuned and thought is molecularized. Scales are crossed without warning, normative half-lives of gestures stretched across qualitative boundaries. The French understand its darker vectors: "avoir le bourdon" is to vibrate at a ruminative frequency, where focus is dispersed, horizontalized. A ground, shifting, against which dynamic processes can be scrutinized in their unfolding. The thicket-texturing typical of Nidean ventures affords manifold entry points, trajectories tripping categories by sheer durational momentum, confusions, convolutions. A festering ecology where lateral collusions and tunnels of autonomy magically coexist. Multiple nests (nidi), points of origination, accumulation, baiting and switching, the whole ungraspable, eluding the demons of containment.

Expect to hear stacked macro-drones folding into unheard of pico-spectrae, melody and rhythm fragments gain traction as incomprehensible objects of hypnotic induction, and observe the boundaries of music and personhood collapsing into a tornado of frequencies, invoking impersonal joys as much as apocalyptic foreboding. Inhabiting questions and symptoms of control, individuation, and formal texture, this music was once described by a spectator as "like staring into an event horizon".

2017-03-28 20:00:00 2017-03-28 21:30:00 America/Toronto Array Session #46 Nidus Array Space 155 Walnut Ave. M6J 3W3

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