Array Session #16

Friday March 1, 2013 @8 pm
The Array Space, 155 Walnut Street. second floor, M6J 3W3
416 532 3019

An evening of improvisation by some of Toronto’s finest musicians along with their friends and guests from out-of-town heralds a return to the Columbia U Radio jams or the great tradition of CCMC Music Gallery evenings.

Special Guest: Pianist Casey Sokol
James Bailey - found sounds
Ian Desouza - electric bass and Kaos pads
Anastasya Koshkin - video
Pierre Mongeon - flugelhorn, slide trumpet
Rick Sacks -percussion

James Bailey(found sounds) is an improviser, pure and simple. Anything he does that is "tuneful" is more likely to be the result of accident rather than any pre-meditated intent. This came about after the realisation that he had extreme difficulty with reproducing recognisable melodies on conventional instruments. Many years of listening to freely improvised playing and other unusual musics however, attuned his ear to the interaction between performers and their respective sounds. Starting in the early '80s he began to sporadically inflict the results of home-brewed experiments on various unsuspecting live audiences. With a resurgence, after a period of relative dormancy, of a vibrant improvising scene in the Toronto area in the late '90s, the frequency of these appearances increased to the point where people now actually ask him to play with them.
He is a member of several ensembles, some of which have produced critically acclaimed recordings, and has performed with these, as well as solo, at venues and festivals in Canada, the U.S., and abroad.
He uses anything that makes sounds that interest him, which usually involve found objects (kitchen implements and other household objects, or discarded objects found on the street or elsewhere). Some of these have been modified into something resembling an instrument, others are played as-is often amplified using contact microphones and effects processors. Instruments of a more conventional nature are rarely played in the manner to which most people are accustomed.

Ian Desouza (electric bass and kaoss pads) - Born in Kampala, Uganda Ian has recorded and performed live in almost every musical idiom. His understanding of his instrument informed by the music of Africa with an equal dose of New York City, and over 20 years of experience, makes Ian one of the most sought after bassists in Canada. Besides his 15-year association with Kevin Breit, Ian has worked with Jesse Cook, Melanie Doane, The Toronto Tabla Ensemble, African singers Jean-Christophe Matata and Ali Birra, Jamaican Jazz mainstays, steel-pan player Robbie Greenwich and Guitarist Maurice Gordon. Most recently he has added his compositional and production skills to LAL, in urban electronic music and jazz sprawl singer, Rita di Ghent.

As a practitioner of audiovisual art Anastasya Koshkin combines ethnography, installation, and acousmatic music, examining the perspectives and viewpoints regarding the natural environment as it relates to culture and human life. Anastasya received her BFA in Radio and Television Arts from Ryerson University and her MFA from Sint-Lukas University. Her research focuses on visualization and sonic manifestation of data and digital artefacts as they relate to outer space and the natural environment.

Pierre Mongeon (flugelhorn and slide trumpet) is a seasoned composer, singer, songwriter, trumpet player and piano player. The song “Happy Feet” from his recent album “Circle Of The Earth – share the love” was a winner in the 2010 John Lennon Songwriting Contest. The seven years of writing, arranging, and playing piano for the French choir “Les Voix Du Coeur” included concerts at the Glen Gould Studio and live sessions at Radio Canada. Live instrumental performance on TVO featuring pieces from his International release “Sunday Afternoon” (Somerset Entertainment - Avalon). Sharing his music over the years has included performances in France and the US. Currently performing intuitive improvised music with CoexisDance, TIO (Toronto improvisers orchestra) and Array Music is an ongoing passion. And from time to time he also performs intimate concerts as a singer songwriter. Pierre has recently launched an ongoing event where the audience is invited to participate with barefoot meditative dancing while Pierre’s ensemble the eVoid Collective Orchestra perform live.

Rick Sacks performs as a percussionist with many groups including Arraymusic, The Art of Time, New Music Concerts, Aventa, The Glass Orchestra, and the Evergreen Club. Recent performances have been in Shanghai, Beijing, Copenhagen, Montreal, New Jersey, Toronto and Ulaan Baatar. Rick composes music for dance and theatre. His recent work as co-composer/music director of Red Sky's Tono won the 2010 Dora award for best sound design/composition. Last summer he created a new dance work, Migrations for Red Sky at Banff in association with New Zealand’s Black Grace Dance Company. Adventures of the SMOID, a puppet show written and composed by Rick with Gamelan accompaniment was premiered at the Music Gallery and performed at the Ottawa Chamber Music Festival in the Summer of 2012. His sound design for the theatrical premiere of The Never Ending Story for Roseneath Theatre was also premiered in 2012. Rick's latest work is a composition for orchestra to be performed by the Victoria Symphony November 2012. Titled Water Music, the piece includes remote controlled flying fish, a deep sea diver and quotes from Handel, Ravel and the Beatles.

Casey Sokol is a pianist and an inveterate musical explorer. As a performer of classical and contemporary chamber music and improvised music, he has been involved with a variety of musical styles and groups including the York Winds, Canadian Contemporary Music Collective (CCMC) and the contemporary music ensemble Sound Pressure. He has toured extensively as a soloist and ensemble player in Europe and North America. Performance highlights include the Pro Musica Nova Festival, Bremen, and O Kanada Festival, Berlin, Germany; Avignon Festival and Centre Pompidou, Paris, France; Los Angeles Olympic Arts Festival and Expo ’86 in Vancouver; and many other notable venues in Europe, the USA and Japan. Professor Sokol has been teaching piano, improvisation and musicianship in York’s Music Department since 1971. He was the recipient of an OCUFA Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2001.
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