The Array Ensemble & Array Space

Arraymusic’s mission is to ignite and sustain a passion for contemporary Canadian musical art within an international, interdisciplinary context. We foster and advance exceptional contemporary music by supporting, and collaborating with emerging, established and diverse creators across the arts’ disciplines (and territories), and by deeply engaging our audiences.

Three inter-related programs define what Array does, why we do it and how we realize our artistic, organizational, and community-based goals: 1) Array’s Contemporary Music Program – Produces, Presents and Supports Who & What is Best in Contemporary Chamber Music; 2) Array’s Creative Music Hub – Utilizes Array’s Space to Foster a Thriving Contemporary Music and Art Scene; and 3) Array For All – Engages Diverse Audiences Through Innovative and Inclusive Programs.

Each season, The Array Ensemble delivers brilliant concert performances of today’s boldest chamber music to audiences who have come to expect the realization of the highest performance standards. Arraymusic also extends additional support to three remarkable Resident Studio Groups.

All year, The Array Space provides local and international creative music artists with an affordable facility for their rehearsals, workshops and concerts.

Collaborators have included a Canadian and international “who’s who” of composers with over 300 original pieces of music written for Array’s group.

Arraymusic relies upon the support of governments, corporations, foundations and generous individual donors.

Arraymusic exists to provide composers with an environment in which they are free to take risks, challenge themselves, and push the traditional boundaries of musical expression. Array helps composers reach a wide audience and, in turn, brings the rich diversity of contemporary music to the public. Core values focus on creativity and experimentation, multi-disciplinary exploration, and the sharing, communication and outreach afforded by artistic exchange. Since Array encourages risk-taking, both successful and less successful experimentation are recognized as being valuable in the process of artistic growth.

Array’s Ensemble, its most visible program, is a collective of performers recognized worldwide for innovative programming and virtuosic performance. Known for including Canadian composers who possess highly individual voices, Array’s ensemble has a unique, eclectic repertoire, which always includes internationally recognized composers — John Cage, Steve Reich, James Tenney — and encompasses an extensive body of contemporary Canadian work. Array’s ensemble has more recently been comprised of an unusual instrumentation of clarinet, trumpet, percussion, piano, violin, and double bass.

In addition to its extensive, distinguished concert repertoire, Arraymusic is actively involved in interdisciplinary, multi-media and theatrical work. This has resulted in the production of several repertory programs in addition to such full-length works as Big Pictures by Michael J. Baker, Personal History by Henry Kucharzyk, nostalgia by Robert W. Stevenson, and Chemin de ronde: music/dance collage (a creative collaboration between composer from Lyon, France and Toronto).

Arraymusic’s recording and touring activities reflect the group’s philosophy of promoting new music to new audiences. Past tours have included successful appearances at the Athens, Huddersfield, Belfast, and Vienna Modern Festivals, Festival Musiques en Scéne in Lyon, New Music America, and the North American New Music Festival. Array has released 8 compact discs under its own name, all acclaimed for artistic excellence and exceptionally high production quality, and performances by The Array Ensemble are available on several compilation discs.

Arraymusic’s governing Board of Directors are:

Mark Wilson, Chair
F. Tim Knight, Treasurer
Mani Mazinani, Secretary
David Lidov
Brian Mclean
Cynthia Wilkey


Sandra Bell, General Manager
Martin Arnold, Artistic Director
Jay Pollard, House Manager
Rick Sacks, Technical Director

Rental Area built by Paul Appleby Inc.