Arraymusic welcomes those who study and illuminate the aesthetics, critical theory and hermeneutics, history of theory, post-tonal theory, linear analysis, rhythm, music cognition, and the analysis of all music. - texts from the Society of Music Theory (Music Theory Spectrum)
The Music of John Mark Sherlock

Friday, April 10, 2015 @ 8pm
Array Space 155 Walnut Ave.
Toronto, M6J 3W3
$20 general admission/ $15 students, seniors, arts workers
$17/$12 in advance

jettison (world premiere)
lilac & aubergine

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Boring, Formless Nonsense; Experimental Music and the Aesthetics of Failure

Thursday, April 16th 2015 @ 8pm
refreshments will be served - cash bar
The Array Space, 155 Walnut Street. second floor, M6J 3W3
416 532 3019
Donation and PWYC

eldritch Priest lectures on his recently published philosophical treatise Boring, Formless Nonsense Experimental Music and the Aesthetics of Failure

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Mira Benjamin and Isaiah Ceccarelli

8 pm April 15, 2015
The Array Space,
155 Walnut Street. second floor
M6J 3W3

London, U.K based violinist Mira Benjamin and Montréal based percussionist Isaiah Ceccarelli play a concert of solos and duos. The program includes Martin Arnold's Slip Minuet (2014) for solo violin (written for Mira Benjamin) and Isaiah Ceccarelli's Oslo Harmonies (2014) for violin and percussion.
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Making Music for Stories

Sunday, April 19, 2015 at 10am
The New Array Space, 155 Walnut Ave., Toronto M6J 3W3
416 532 3019

Rick Sacks brings the elements of sound design for theatre to children with this 2 hour workshop.
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Toronto Improvisors Orchestra
The last Sunday of each month. 2 pm - 4:30 pm
155 Walnut Street, Toronto M6J 3W3

The Array Sessions
Check the listings below for dates
Array Space 155 Walnut Ave.
Toronto, M6J 3W3

The Array Ensemble
The Array Space

Somewherethere presents – Audiopollination
Every Second Tuesday of the Month
The Array Space

Dance Barefoot to the eVoid Collective Orchestra
Third or Fourth Friday of each Month

Array/Evergreen Community Gamelan
Join Community Gamelan at for dates
Array Space, 155 Walnut Avenue, Toronto M6J 3W3

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Silver Streetcar for Orchestra

David Schotzko performs Alvin Lucier's solo for Triangle.
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Array/Evergreen 3B and #4 Meetup

Two months of meetups. The group has grown and everyone participates. January and February were warmed up by these great community gamelan events.
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Percussionist David Schotzko and Violist Pemi Paul perform L.C. Smith's Cantilena in the duo concert titled "Naturale".
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YCW Applications

This year, the Young Composers' Workshop is dedicated to the creation of new works for the MalletKat (click here to read more on the MalletKat) Electronic composers working will work with Rick Sacks in exploring this electronic percussion instrument. Seminars and demonstrations of processes will be presented by electronic music composers including Darren Copeland, Wendalyn Bartley,Doug Van Nort, Ted Phillips and Ronald Bruce Smith.


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Community Gamelan Nov2014


November's Community Gamelan saw intrepid explorers braving the construction outside the Array Space (We're getting our own entrance!) to come in from the cold and create musical compositions. We names then First Snow, Clockworks and Spring.

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Ambient Ping

November 25, 8pm

THE AMBiENT PiNG is a Toronto based creative community of audio artists, performers, musicians and visual artists. The PiNG presents live multimedia performances featuring ambient, electronic, soundscape, chillout, trip hop, dream pop, downtempo, space, darkwave, drone and experimental artists from around the world.

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