"Great art presupposes the alert mind of the educated listener”
--Arnold Schoenberg
Wordless Word

Tuesday, May10 8pm
Array Space 155 Walnut Ave.
Toronto, M6J 3W3

Jin Hi Kim, Electric Komungo. Robert Appleton, vorTEX Visual Music. 9 pm

Jin Hi Kim is internationally acclaimed innovative komungo (Korean fourth century fretted board zither) virtuoso and a Guggenheim Fellow in Music Composition. Kim co-designed the world’s only electric komungo with interactive MAX/MSP program that represents an evolution of the instrument into the twenty-first century.
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Percussion Workshop for Everyone Spring Session 2016

Saturday, May 14, 2pm
Array Space 155 Walnut Avenue
Toronto, M6J 3W3
416 532 3019


Create soundscapes, explore found sounds, world music grooves and group composition. Intended to be fun and non-threatening, this afternoon workshop is a perfect opportunity to get to know percussion and the wonderful Array Space in the heart of Toronto

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Array Session #38

Friday, May 13 2016 @8 pm
The Array Space, 155 Walnut Ave.
second floor, M6J 3W3
416 532 3019


The lineup:
Mark Gane - Electric Guitar
Brian Katz - Electric Guitar
Dimitar Penchev - Piano
Nate Robertson - Percussion
Martin van de Ven - clarinet/bass clarinet
Rick Sacks - Percussion
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Array/Evergreen Community Gamelan

Sunday, May 15 2016 1pm to 4pm
Array Space 155 Walnut Ave.
Toronto, M6J 3W3

Array/Evergreen Community Gamelan Meetup.

Have a seat and immediately join in the music making. These are fun, hands-on Meet Ups that bring people together to play beautiful Indonesian instruments. Along with a huge collection of percussion instruments including gongs, bowls, vibes, marimba, drums, djembe, congas, bells, chimes, shells and more, we also can use the Gamelan Instruments used in the recording of the soundtrack for Life of Pi (music by Mychael Danna).

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This is an events calendar.Go here for rental information

Toronto Improvisors Orchestra
The last Sunday of each month. 2 pm - 4:30 pm
155 Walnut Street, Toronto M6J 3W3

Dance Barefoot to the eVoid Collective Orchestra
Third or Fourth Friday of each Month

The Array Sessions
Check the listings below for dates
Array Space 155 Walnut Ave.
Toronto, M6J 3W3

Frequency Freaks
The Array Space

Community Meet-up 4/24/2016

Check out two great videos from the April 24, 2016 Array/Evergreen Community Gamelan Meet-up! Take a listen to Magnolia, and Frog on a Lilypad 2!
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John Oswald speaks about his experiments, collaborations and artistic process.
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I n t i m a c i e s Monday, May 4, 2015 8pm cathy fern lewis, voice with rodney sharman, flute and voice, and linda catlin smith, piano
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Array Session #33 Videos

Array Session #33 Videos. Array Session #33 - Explorations in sound, colour and time with Casey Sokol (piano), Pierre Mongeon (trumpet), Jocelyn Barth (voice) George Koller (bass) and Rick Sacks (vibes). Sept, 2015 at the Array Space in Toronto. Enjoy
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YCW2015 Videos

Listen to five new music compositions by the participants of the 2015 Arraymusic Young composers' Workshop as you watch the visual art created by six O.C.A.D.U. students. https://vimeo.com/album/3466984
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